Potash Fertilizer 0-0-51 White Granular Or Powder Potassium Sulphate Price
Potash Fertilizer 0-0-51 White Granular Or Powder Potassium Sulphate Price
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Potash fertilizer 0-0-51 white granular or powder Potassium Sulphate Price

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Potassium sulphate(K2SO4) (potassium sulfate, also called sulphate of potash, arcanite, or archaically known as potash of sulfur) is a non-flammable white crystalline salt which is soluble in water. The chemical compound is commonly used in fertilizers, providing both potassium and sulfur.

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Potassium Sulphate

Other Names:

Potassium sulfate, sulphate of potash, arcanite, potash of sulfur

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White powder

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9.5kg bags

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)


20GP Container

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1-2 weeks after prepayment

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52 Min



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1.5 Max



17.5 Min


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3.0 Max



The dominant use of potassium sulfate is as a fertilizer. K2SO4 does not contain chloride, which can be harmful to some crops. Potassium sulfate is preferred for these crops, which include tobacco and some fruits and vegetables. Crops that are less sensitive may still require potassium sulfate for optimal growth if the soil accumulates chloride from irrigation water.

Other uses of potassium sulfate:

Used as a flash reducer in artillery propellant charges. It reduces muzzle flash, flare back and blast overpressure.

Used as an intermediate in dye.

Used as a clarifying agent in glass industry

Used as a release inhibitor in medicine

Used as an accessory ingredient in aromatics industry

Used as all-purpose additives in food industry

Used in biochemical inspection of serum protein.


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Packaging Details: 9.5kg bags or as customer's request

Delivery Detail: Prompt Shipment after order confirmed

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Precautions: Do not ingest. Do not breathe dust. Wear suitable protective clothing in case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitablerespiratory equipment If ingested, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or the label. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Storage: No specific storage is required. Use shelves or cabinets sturdy enough to bear the weight of the chemicals. Be sure that it is not necessary to strain to reach materials, and that shelves are not overloaded.